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Where Coffee Meets Community

Wausau Coffee

At The Pinery, we believe that every cup tells a story—a story of rich flavors, locally roasted beans, and an unwavering commitment to community impact.

The Pinery Coffee Co

Our Exceptional Coffee

Indulge in the finest selection of locally roasted coffee beans, carefully curated to awaken your senses. From the bold aroma of our espresso shots to the soothing warmth of our handcrafted lattes, each sip promises an unforgettable journey through taste and tradition.

The Pinery Bellwether
Our In-House Roaster

Immerse yourself in the art of coffee roasting as we proudly introduce "Belle," our in-house roaster. With each batch, we craft the perfect roast, ensuring that every cup of Pinery coffee delivers a symphony of flavors.

A Little Hope in Every Cup

With every purchase, you become a part of something greater—a community that fosters positive impact. At The Pinery, we're more than a coffee shop; we are a catalyst for hope. Through community partnerships and unwavering dedication, we're building a stronger, more connected Wausau.

July Community Partner
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